Fishing 3 Way T Swivels

Fishing 3 Way T Swivels
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How to rig a Three Way Swivel Rig

This video explains how to rig a 3-Way Swivel Rig. This is a bottom rig that is effective for catching any fish species that lives near the bottom. Live bait (usually worms or minnows) is required...

The Best Tangle Free 3-way Swivel - Guide to using the T-Turn Swivel Here we explain how to use the famous T-Turn 3-way swivel. We show you how to use the swivel for trolling, bottom bouncing / fishing from...

Fishing Knots: How to Tie a 3-Way Rig

A 3-way fishing rig is another you tie together on the end of your line to help you catch fish, and different environments will call for different types of fishing rigs. The three way rig,...

3-Way Walleye

To buy any of our DVDs go here: Al and James Lindner teach about 3 way rigging...

How to Prevent Line Twists and Tangles - The New T-Turn Swivel by Thundermist Lure Company

Finally, it's time to say goodbye to line tangles. Thundermist Lure Company presents. the Perfect Series, their new...

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