Fishing Yamamoto

Fishing Yamamoto
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Bass Fishing With Gary Yamamoto

It was a great day of bass fishing with Gary Yamamoto. I am thankful I got the chance to fish with a legend like this! Leave a THUMBS UP if you guys enjoyed the video! I will be leaving tomorrow...

Fishing Gary Yamamoto's Ranch - A Bass Fisherman's Paradise (ft. LunkersTV)

Day 2 fishing in Texas with LunkersTV. We head out to fish Gary Yamamoto's Ranch. A legendary destination, with largemouth bass in the 10 LB+ class lurking around, we throw everything from...

Fishing a Bass Tournament with Gary Yamamoto

Filmed this video a few days ago but got super busy with the house! Hope you enjoy the video of us hanging with Gary Yamamoto. Fun day and expect some more videos this week! Googan Squad Channel--...

GARY YAMAMOTO TUTORIALS: Improve your catch ratio

Gary is always looking for ways to improve his catch ratio. Today he shares his tips on line consideration when throwing topwater baits. WIN A GARY YAMAMOTO HAT SIGNED BY GARY & 1 FLUOROCARBON...

Bass Fishing With 10 Year Old Yamamoto Craws & New Texas Rig Winner

Today I am Texas rig bass fishing with 10 year old Yamamoto Craws. Will the bass care that my lure is 10 years old? Do the fish really care if I have the newest gear? Why would a bass eat...

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