Hunting Knife With Gut Hook

Hunting Knife With Gut Hook
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SOLD In Part 1 you will see the stock removal method of the gut knives. The steel is from New Jersey Steel Baron and it is CPM S-35 VN stainless steel. INSTAGRAM:

Bubba Blade's 4" Gut Hook

Thanks for watching DeerGear TV!. Deer Gear is all about exploring the new and useful products in the outdoor world that will help you become a better hunter. Every episode of Cabela's DeerGearTV...

↪️How to SHARPEN Your Gut Hook EDGE Knife Blade↩️

If you have any questions about/for us please email/message us. To see how sharp this knife...

Hunting Knives - Gerber Gator Premium

Most of you know I'm not real big on promoting product. Gerber sent me a bunch of knives to test over the last year. Very impressed. So far, this same blade has done the bear in this video,...

Using a gut hook - Quick Tips

See our blog for up to date Gun Rights reports and tell us what you think - The proper use of gut hook can lengthen the amount of time your game can age...

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